Memory Foam Gel

Welcome to the Memory Foam Gel Labratory! Relax and learn while we take the mystery out of the mattress.

Memory Gel Labratory

Removing the mystery from the mattress.

Mattresses can be tricky business if you don't know what you are looking for. We are glad that you have picked us to be your main source (well, we can hope anyway) for information related to your mattress purchase. We recommend that you get started in our "features that matter" section.

What exactly is Memory Gel?

Gel Memory Foam is quite similar to the everyday Memory Foam, but is hiding a little secret: Small gel beads that work very hard to make up where standard Memory Foam fails. These beads are infused into the foam where they spend their time trying to make you more comfortable.

What improvements do they offer? Let's look.

  • Better Heat Distribution
    • Gel Memory Foam offers improved heat distribution across the entire mattress. This just means that it will sleep cooler when compared to standard memory foam. If a cooler mattress isn't your thing, keep this in mind while shopping.
  • Higher Compression Levels
    • By design, standard memory foam has a noticeable sink when you lay on it. The downside of this is that this can lead to a breakdown if your mattress is too thin. This is where the gels come in. When gels are added to memory foam, the mattress has a higher level of compression, reducing the stress on the foam, and increases the life of the mattress.
  • Relief of Pressure Points
    • If you have sensitive joints, you may notice pressure points even with memory foam. Granted, memory foam is way better than an inner spring mattress, but it's not perfect. The reason for this is because memory foam is sensitive to both weight and heat. When you lay on your bed, the upper portions of the mattress will soften up and sink. Foam lower in the mattress doesn't get hot, and therefore doesn't soften. The can lead to pressure points on certain parts of the body. Gel beads correct this problem by more evenly distributing the weight.
  • Better Air Circulation
    • Because standard memory foam is very dense, it has poor air circulation. This leads heat being trapped in the mattress, which can be most uncomfortable on those warm summer nights. When gel beads are infused into the mattress, they increase air circulation, which helps to regulate the temperature of the mattress. Bottom line is, a memory gel mattress will sleep cooler.
  • More Support
    • One of the biggest complaints consumers have when it comes to memory foam is that it doesn't provide good support across its entire surface. As we discussed before, this is just one of the properties of the material. When gel beads are added, they provide a more stable surface, giving you more support.

    Gel memory foam mattresses are going to cost more than standard memory foam. It's a more complicated manufacturing process and it requires more materials. In order to fix some of the problems of the standard memory foam, you should be prepared to shell out a bit more.

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