Tempurpedic® Mattress Reviews

They are one of the most well-known mattress manufactures and for great reason: they produce a great product and they have a massive advertising budget. Given the obscene amount of mattresses sold by Tempurpedic, it was incredibly difficult to find real reviews. If you know of any reputable sources for Tempurpedic mattress reviews then please let us know. Check out the specific reviews below:

Cloud Model Reviews

Video Reviews
SLTD Cloud Review
Wine glass test on Cloud!
Customer Reviews
Lots of user reviews analyzed
About.com reviews
"Pissed Consumer" reviews (not as bad as it sounds)

I am working on finding more tempurpedic reviews, but it turns out that finding legit reviews on mattresses is nearly impossible! I guess this is a problem of any market where the margins are crazy-high: the folks selling them have nothing but incentive to fake reviews so that they can sell more of their marked-up products. I would have thought, however, that regular folks like me would have provided a review here or there. I have a few "wanted: review on x product" forum threads floating around (including on Consumer Reports). Let's hope one lands!

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