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Restava, who sells comperable Tempurpedic mattresses, is an online-only mattress manufacturer. Since they are the manufacturer as well as the seller, you save even more money than most of the other mattress websites we found. Awesome info, huh? We were pretty pumped up when we figured that out also. We were a bit worried that, since they are smaller than Tempurpedic and Serta, we would have a difficult time finding reviews. Turns out this was not the case and, in fact, they were one of the only brand we found a bunch of real user videos for. Who knew?

Confirmed Real Quotes from their Facebook Page (no exclusions):

Each quote below was confirmed real by clicking through the user's profiles who left the quote and verifying that they were not planted. The list below will likely contain both good and bad as we do not exclude any quotes.

Last 5 Comments

@ Restava~~I am sleeping much better since purchasing your joints and body are pressure free! I highly recommend this mattress...what a secret I uncovered~ ;) PS~My elderly cat is enjoying the pressure free bed as well! MEOW! ~Amy Mazutis Carlisle, PA~
I've had my mattresses for about 2 weeks and so far love it. My husband has been having hip and back pain and it has gone away since. My Yorkie even sleeps on it instead of my lap. Im not particularly fond of the box springs design-made with cheap/flimsy wood but it'll do. Jenice B.
If your mattress is hurting your back and is no longer giving you a good nights sleep, contact @Restava to take care of your back and sleep much better for a resonable price. David C.
‎Restava is worth looking into. Sleeping so much better on our new mattress. No more backache when I wake up in the morning. Very rested. Gave my Sleep Number mattress to my son and got a new memory foam type mattress in it's place. Half the price of a TemperPedic. Linda V.
since i have received my Restava bed I have been waking up without stiffness and backaches from the 1st night. thank you for making a wonderful bed. Robert K

Restava Mattress Reviews

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The Verdict

After watching the videos above, reading customer reviews and monitoring their Facebook page for an extended period of time, we have come to the conclusion that Restava is a safe buy. Their buyers seem to have minimal complaints about the mattress. They have an active Facebook page. There are videos of real owners on YouTube.

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