The Showdown: Memory Foam vs. Gel! Fight!

Things are about to get real! Read below as we break down the reality of Gel vs. Memory Foam!

Memory Foam vs. Memory Foam Gel!

Don't worry: we were as confused as you are!

Just when you think you have a good grip on memory foam, they introduce a new variable that throws your whole game off. Let us help take the mystery out of the newest term to your memory foam vocabulary: memory foam gel.

What is "Memory Foam Gel"?

Memory foam gel is a mixture of memory foam and gel beads. The foam color changes to a cool light blue coolor and the gel adds some very cool properties to the already awesome memory foam.

It sleeps cooler!
Memory foam gel allows a bit more airflow than just plain memory foam. As a result, it sleeps cooler!
It supports your body more evenly.
The gel helps decrease the density and provides a more stable sleep surface.
It doesn't compress as easy
Enjoy being able to get out of bed easier, it doesn't compress quite as much as regular memory foam! No more sleeping in a ditch.

Why can't I find a mattress made entirely out of memory foam gel?

It is expensive, that is why! There is enough benefit in the 2" that most manufacturers put in their bed that they don't want to spend the extra money for not very much benefit. Will they always be out of the price range of most consumers? Probably not: the prices will drop just like they did with memory foam. Until then, buy your mattress and be pumped up that you were an early adopter!

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