Memory Foam vs. Coil Mattress

You already know this, we are simply confirming your thoughts.

Memory Foam vs. COILS!

Are you a coil gal? We won't judge: read on.

When it comes to modern mattresses, there are two camps: you either like memory foam or you like coil, spring and latex. Didn't realize that, did you? Is there a difference between latex and springs? Of course. Will you notice while you are sleeping? Probably not. I lumped coil and latex together because both react the same to the body's pressure.

Not your grandma's mattress

While mattresses have come a long way in the last twenty plus years, the majority of the improvements were made in the durability and not the comfort. The core difference between memory foam and coils is that memory foam conforms to your body and doesn't push back at your pressure points.

Coils keep you cooler!

Looking for a cool night's sleep? Look no further. For all the advancements that have been made in the wide world of memory foam, there is still a long way to go. The traditional coils don't restrict airflow hardly at all. The newer pocket coil beds are nearly as good as the traditional coils at keeping you cool. I know you are likely already sold on a memory foam bed, but consider that one of the top features folks look for in a bed is how cool it keeps them while they sleep.

Why can't I find a mattress made entirely out of memory foam gel?

It is expensive, that is why! There is enough benefit in the 2" that most manufacturers put in their bed that they don't want to spend the extra money for not very much benefit. Will they always be out of the price range of most consumers? Probably not: the prices will drop just like they did with memory foam. Until then, buy your mattress and be pumped up that you were an early adopter!

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