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Features that matter

A simplified list of thigns you should care about

There are two attributes that folks argue to be the "best" measure of the quality for a memory foam mattress: IDF rating and density. We belong to the latter camp and subscribe to 1 Density as being the best measurement to use: it is easy to calculate and usually works well as a measure of quality--usually. The higher the density of the mattress, the longer the mattress will last. The lower the density, the less time it will last. This is due to the fact that the lower density mattress will compress far more (and more often) than the higher density mattress. A Density of 5lb or greater is what you should be looking for. Anything greater than 5lb is commonly considered high quality.

The next most important measure once you have determined that your density is up to par is 2 finding a reputable store to buy from: on or offline. Since you are on our website, we will assume that you are intersetd in using the research we have done to make an educated decision that will save you lots of money. You find the right store by asking the correct questions. Does customer service answer the phone when you did your test call? Are their products manufactured in the USA or did they sit in a shipping container for months before sitting in a warehouse somewhere? Can you find a picture of their manufacturing facility on Google Maps street view? Is their logo on the picture of the building you found on Google Maps?

And finally, 3 read the reviews for both the manufacturer and the product to ensure they are stellar. For a memory foam mattress, you should be looking for at least an 80% happy-customer ratio since that is the industry average for memory foam. Don't bother reading user reviews online: they are mostly fake (planted by the manufacturer or their competitor). Instead, search YouTube for videos of folks who have actually purchased and reviewed the mattress. If you are going to read user-reviews, make sure you use a reputable source like Sleep Like The Dead. We will do our best to keep our links to reviews current and promise to avoid the garbage. Use our finding reputable stores document for a more in-depth dive into this topic.

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