About Mattress Labs

An epic journey through the formation of the web's leading mattress education website (self proclaimed ;)).

We are just a couple of guys who got fed up with the added complexity that mattress marketers added to picking the product where we will spend one-third of our entire life using. Inspiration for the website was found once the wife and I decided to upgrade from our queen size inner-spring mattress to a memory foam mattress.

Like many other folks, the only thing we knew about memory foam mattresses was a single brand name: Tempurpedic ®. We started our quest by first visiting the local retail stores: H&H Gregg, Furniture Liquidators, etc. The sales folks used what felt like used-car techniques on us: the price was negotiable on all beds (other than Tempurpedic ®), the reps would follow us around and try to convince us to lay down on a bed (as if my laying there for 10 seconds would give me even a hint of what a full night would feel like). Basically, for me, it was a disaster.

I would love to tell you that I had a better experience online, but that would be complete bull. I started like many of you did with a Google search for "memory foam mattress" and then worked my way through the top-ranking websites in an effort to find as store offering enough information to convince me that their product is as good or better than a Tempurpedic ®: some did better than others, but none left me 100% convinced.

During my journey, a few websites popped up that had some incredibly valuable information. YouTube had some great video reviews of mattresses I had looked at, Sleep Like The Dead had an awesome collection of user-reviews, Wikipedia told the story of memory foam, etc. The problem is that not one site dumbed down the information enough for me to understand and not one site brought all of those excellent sources of data together to save me from researching.

To fill this void, Mattress Labs was born.

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